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Brazil Tres Rios

Brazil Tres Rios

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Caramel, Honey, Papaya
Body: Medium body, medium acidity

Located in town of Rio Paranaíba, a region of Minas Gerais named like that due to the head water of the river with the same name, the Três Rios Farm was acquired in 1986 by the civil engineer Hélio de Godoy Tavares. Deceased in 1999, the farm was taken over by his son and daughter, Júlio and Luciana Ferreira de Godoy Tavares Junqueira, both agronomists. Having a total area of 1.215.20 ha, the farm is crossed by three rivers giving the name to the farm: Córrego das Éguas, Ribeirão dos Ferreiros and Córrego Olhos D’Água, and has 400 ha for the Arabic coffee farming, Acaiá, Catuaí, Mundo Novo and Acauã Novo varieties. The farm is UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Certifica Minas certified, and is fully mechanized, employing around 40 people besides temps during the picking season.

Olga Maria Ferreira Tavares
Pulped Natural
1000 Meters
Do Cerrado Mineiro
Drip coffee, French press, espresso