Our last day of roasting will be December 15


Thank you for considering Ristretto Roasters for your wholesale needs. Ristretto coffees are hand-roasted in our Portland roastery in small batches and delivered fresh, with low minimum orders to meet the needs of our customers.

Coffees: We source coffees directly from farmers who care as much about the quality of their work as we care about ours. We strive to do Direct Trade as often as possible. This allows us to form lasting relationships with growers, as well as observe the practices of those with whom we do business, to learn how we can contribute to sustainability and the common good.

We maintain a consistent selection of blends, including Beaumont Blend, Cowboy Blend, Midnight Cowboy Blend,  Nightfall Blend and sugar-process decaf, so your customers can enjoy the flavor profiles they look forward to year-round. We also source single origin beans, changing our inventory to feature the best coffees available in a given season, and to offer customers a full spectrum of coffees and flavor profiles.

Equipment and Service: Ristretto Roasters provides staff training for wholesale clients, on site at your location, as well as in our roastery. Training is tailored to each client, and includes all types of espresso service and manual brew methods, as well as education on the origins, handling and preparation of different coffees.

Training: Interested in working with our coffee? We’d love to have you to the roastery to cup some coffees, or have you meet with our sales staff who can get you on the road to wholesale.

Wholesale Inquiries