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Brazil Sol de Minas - Buttery, Milky, Sweet and Full

Our latest coffee from is the superstar Sol de Minas from Brazil. Buttery and full, with notes of cashew butter and milk chocolate, milk baker's spices and sugar cane. Available at our cafes and online, it brews beautifully as drip coffee, French press and espresso. This Sol de Minas is comprised of beans from nine farms in the region of Matas de Minas, one of which was recognized as producing a Top 10 Coffee in Brazil 2014. All the farms hold certifications from UTZ, Rain Forest Alliance, 4C Association, and C.A.F.E. Practices. Collectively, these indicate care for workers, environment, sustainability, and responsible economic growth. Planted, cared for and harvested by hand, this coffee is as lush as the green hillsides on which it is grown. 12 oz./whole bean [caption id="attachment_3079" align="aligncenter" width="437"]Photo by Zane Spang © 2015 Photo by Zane Spang © 2015[/caption]